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26 January 2018 @ 04:40 am
Hello LJers!

I've friended several new people today to reconnect me to one of my favorite things about LiveJournal, the *people* themselves. I love the clever ways people use their LiveJournals. I love reading journal entries. I love how distinct and personal each LJ is, and I love the kinds of people it attracts!

I am looking forward to getting to know my new friends better.

Have a wonderful Friday! xoxoxoxo

Love & light,

24 May 2018 @ 04:31 pm, reposted by paradisekendra
Whoa, so I finally decided to empty out all the icons on my hard drive from all the icontests and various times of of inspirations. Some of these are over a year old, so admittedly some are just terrible, I'd like to think I have improved leaps and bounds from when I made some of these. so here is my grand icon dump, my first bonified icon post (possibly last):

[44] Smallville; Various Seasons. (Mostly entries for smvl_icontest)
[23] Fire Emblem; Various Games. (Entries for fe_icontest)
[22] Final Fantasy; Various Games. (Entries for ff_awards)
[14] Skins; Mostly Season 3.

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- Enjoy :)
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First off, yay!  Companies so needed to update all of their privacy policies and tell their consumers EXACTLY what is done with their information --- so woo-hoo!  It's about damn time!

I thought these privacy policies were being updated due to Facebook and Twitter assisting Russia to elect Donald Trump, and therefore they were starting to feel the pressure of possible repercussions if they didn't shape up.  But that's not why at all.

A new European privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) goes into effect on May 25th, 2018 and companies are updating their policies to meet GDPR requirements.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Thanks, Tapatalk for explaining this to me.

"The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy."

Well yay, Europe!

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15 May 2018 @ 03:33 pm

November 15, 2002
From E!Online's Watch With Wanda:

How about any prospects for some lovin'? Maybe with Lana?

"I wish. She's too young. I mean, they can't have a 21-year-old
character--or however old I am--and Lana, who's now in high school. I
just don't think you can go there. But if I were the writers, I'd be
writing it in. That's for damn sure." - Michael Rosenbaum

Rolling Stone Magazine

Michael's Part:

"You know what?" he says later inside a Vancouver restaurant, huddled
over a nice rib eye steak. "It's all about confidence. No matter what
anybody tells you, that's what it's all about." He leans forward.

"Here's what I like about Kristin. As far on the opposite side of her as
I am in terms of personality, she respects that. Because she knows
that's who I am. And that's important." He chews his steak, waggles his
fork in the air and says, "You know, most girls Kristin's age don't like
bald guys. But I'd be interested to know who she would rather go out
with, Clark Kent or Lex Luthor. She'll probably say Clark. But ask her. I
want to know. But don't say that I want to know."

Kristin's Part:

But, she says, if she had to pick one character from the show to go out with, it'd probably be Lex Luthor:

"Lex is really sexy. He's got all that depth and darkness." She pauses;
somewhere, Michael Rosenbaum must be smiling. But Kreuk herself is
frowning. "You really don't want to date anyone you're working with,"
she says a little later. "That would just be weird. And awkward. And not
good. Anyway, I can't think of anyone that I'd really end up with."

From E!Online's interview with Kristin Kreuk:

Who would she go for--the mild-mannered reporter or the studly superhero?

"Oh, that's hard. I would probably like Lex, because he's so evil."

Posted at the Official MR.com board 3.1.02, an interview with Michael as
conducted by a poster on that board on a Sacramento radio station:

Michael on Kristin Kreuk:

"And Kristin is so...she's kind of young, but she's so smart. And she
knows so much, and I learn so much from her. And she respects me.
She's like, 'Michael you're out of your mind' and I'm like, 'I know.'
And she goes, '...and it's cool. I'm fine. That's who...you know what I
mean? That's who you are.' And that's not who she is."

"Michael is crazy, so he's always singing. He's got nicknames for everybody." - Kristin Kreuk on Michael Rosenbaum, AOL Chat, May 2002.

"I think she's absolutely extraordinarily beautiful and smart and nice. I'm speaking about Kristin Kreuk here." - Michael Rosenbaum on Kristin Kreuk, E! Online chat with Wanda, May 13, 2002.

10 May 2018 @ 11:23 pm, reposted by paradisekendra
I wanted to make a picspam for Tom Welling.
(stills and captures from the movies CBTD, CBTD 2, The fog)

Hands on hips, sunglasses, messy hair...he looks too hot to handle!

click for TommyCollapse )

++ I am working on some Clark Kent icons and Clex icons. I also made a Kal/Lex manip (R rated). I don't know if it turned out good but we'll see!

04 May 2018 @ 11:14 pm
The planet Uranus is transiting my 10th House. Sudden, unexpected, and fast changes are altering my public persona, my career, my achievements, and I am feeling it all. A burst of energy courses through me as I take on these unexpected shifts at a moment’s notice, and all at once. The energy is there, and thank goodness, because I’m going to need it. 🌔🌔🌔

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The Night Manager
Credit: Des Willie/ BBC

The impressively lavish filming locations for BBC’s big-budget adaptation of John le Carré’s 1993 novel The Night Manager have garnered as much attention as its high-calibre cast.

We round up the hotels and filming locations featured in the show, as well as providing some tips on how to experience some of the spots that provide the backdrop to the action.

1. Nefertiti Hotel, Cairo, Egypt

The grandiose ‘Nefertiti Hotel’ where we first meet Jonathan Pine holding his post as night manager in episode one is not actually in Cairo – or Egypt – at all, but is in fact filmed in the opulent Es Saadi Gardens & Resort in the Hivemage area of Marrakech.

Overlooked by the Atlas mountains, Es Saadi boasts 20 acres of beautiful gardens, 83 suites and 10 private villas, and the only Dior Institute spa outside of Paris.

According to the supervising location manager, Tom Howard, guests staying at Es Saadi during filming were confused by changes to the interiors made by the production crew – so much so that many guests would return from a day's sightseeing only to question whether they were in fact in the right hotel.

Read the full review: Es Saadi Gardens & Resort

Es Saadi Resort & Spa, Marrakech
Es Saadi Resort & Spa, Marrakech

2. Richard Roper's Majorcan Villa

The sprawling clifftop villa from which Richard ‘the worst man in the world’ Roper conducts his business is 17th-century fortress-turned-private holiday home, Sa Fortaleza, that looms over the Bay of Pollença in the north of Majorca.

Originally built as a fort to protect the island against Barbary pirates in 1628, the 20,000 metre-squared estate comprises six villas, two swimming pools and vast gardens. It became Spain’s most expensive property when British banker Lord James Lupton acquired it for an estimated €40 million in 2011.

Whilst the historic fort itself is not available to rent, its commanding peninsula-top position can be spotted from the surrounding bay.

Barcelo Formentor, Majorca
Barceló Formentor, Majorca

For Balearic luxury and similarly spectacular views of the Tramuntana mountains, Belmond La Residencia (formerly owned by Richard Branson) is also conveniently located near the picturesque restaurant C’as Patro March, on the cliffs above Cala Deià, that features in episode two.

Read the full review: Belmond La Residencia

Belmond La Residencia, Deià, Mallorca
Belmond La Residencia, Deià, Mallorca

3. Meisters Hotel, Zermatt

In episode two we see Pine working in another luxurious hotel when he is recruited by intelligence officer Angela Burr; this time in the exclusive Swiss resort of Zermatt.

The hotel itself is entirely fictional and most interior shots were filmed on a set in London – save for Burr’s interview with Pine – which took place in the dining room of the resort's Chalet Hoel Schonegg.

Chalet Hotel Schönegg, Zermatt, Switzerland
Chalet Hotel Schönegg, Zermatt, Switzerland

Many of the exterior shots featuring views of the striking Matterhorn peak were filmed at the Riffelalp Resort 2222m, home to Europe’s highest luxury hotel reached only by the Gornegrat Railway.

Riffelalp Resort 2222m, Zermatt, Switzerland
Riffelalp Resort 2222m, Zermatt, Switzerland

4. Jonathan Pine's coastal Devon cottage

If you fancy holing up in Jonathan Pine/alter-ego Jack Lindon’s remote Devon hideaway from episode two, Blackpool Mill Cottage sleeps up to eight people and is available to rent from Lady Stucley of Hartland Abbey in Hartland, Devon.

It is not the first time the cottage has been on our screens: it was featured (looking rather more quaint) in the BBC adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility in 2008.

Blackpool Mill Cottage, Hartland, Devon
Blackpool Mill Cottage, Hartland, Devon

After a brisk waterfall dip at Blegberry, just like Pine, you can nurse a pint of real ale at The Anchor Inn in Hartland village – but perhaps best to avoid a bust up with the locals.

5. 'The Haven'

Intended to depict the Syrian/Turkish border, scenes in episode 5 - ‘The Haven’ - were, again, filmed in a desert in Morocco.

Fans of the programme can recreate the programme's desert vibe at Le Palais Paysan, complete with on-site farm and spa, which offers a pastoral retreat on the sunbaked plain of the Agafay Desert in Morocco.

Read the full review: Le Palais Paysan

Le Palais Paysan, Morocco

25 April 2018 @ 04:39 pm

There is nothing more relaxing, more universal, more breath taking than listening to 1960s rock music.

...there just isn't.  🎸☀️🎸

25 March 2018 @ 03:42 pm

I was riding on a city bus yesterday when I overheard a kid in the seat behind me brag to his friend proudly, “The only book I read is Facebook.” Those words will haunt me for the rest of my life, but I’m not surprised people think it’s cool to be stupid. Since the invention of television, children have grown up watching shows that portray stupid people as heroes. If you expose children under the age of 10 to stupid role models, they’ll take their icons’ behavior for granted and mimic them. Their brains will soak it up and build neural pathways around it. So it will shape their behavior in ways they don’t understand even if they try everything consciously possible to dis-incorporate the stupidity they’ve witnessed from their perception of reality:

If you told a child they couldn’t watch stupid television programming during the most impressionable age-range of their life because it will warp their minds as surely as watching hardcore pornography and violence, that wise little kid will ask you, “Then why do adults spend so much time and money going out of their way to create stupid television programming and try to stream it onto every screen in the world?” The shortest answer is that adults are stupid and thus unreliable.

Don’t believe the hype. It’s not cool to be stupid. It’s stupid to be stupid. It’s uncool to be stupid, and there’s a very practical reason why. The world is a mind-bogglingly complicated place to live, and it’s unforgiving. You get one shot to build a successful life, and it only takes one stupid mistake to ruin everything. The quality of your life depends on how well you understand the world and how well you solve the waves of problems that wash past you every day. The only tool you have to solve those problems and make the most of your life is your brain. Being stupid is being mentally crippled. Being smart is being mentally healthy and strong. So whatever benefit there is to looking cool by being stupid are far outweighed by the fact that it will ruin the rest of your life in more ways than you could ever comprehend.

I don’t need to pull out philosophical reasons to convince you it’s uncool to be stupid. This isn’t a concept you have to take on faith or work up the strength to live by. This is a warning. Stupidity is what makes life suck. The dumber you are, the less you’ll be able to cope with life, the more you’ll fail and the harder your life will be. The smarter you are, the more effortlessly you’ll waltz through more difficult problems for bigger rewards. Living a confused, helpless life isn’t cool. Living a brilliant, fulfilling life is cool.

But it’s not all about you. The world is a small place, and everyone’s problems rub off on the people around them. Your stupidity makes everyone’s life around you harder. Even when smart people do something stupid, it makes everyone’s lives around them harder. When you’re old enough you’re going to be put in some kind of position of authority over people younger than you. Then your stupidity will have the force of God in those young people’s lives. Stupidity affects everyone, and it’s like litter. When everyone litters a little bit it all adds up to a trashy country. When everyone celebrates littering, the whole country goes to hell in a handbasket. Then we leave a trashy country for the next generation to clean up when they could have been building a better world (on top of the better world we could have created instead of creating mountains of trash.

It’s not cool to be stupid. It’s tragic to be stupid. You’re worth more than that. Your neighbors deserve more from you, and humanity needs more from you. Don’t be stupid, and don’t let your friends be stupid. Stupid hurts everyone, especially stupid people.