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Jumanji (1995) Movie Review 🎬 Third Act

The music of Joe Johnston‘s Jumanji is so beautiful. James Horner (composer of film scores) did a great job! 🎶🎵🎶

🎬 🎬 🎬 🎬

There is something about the way the music changes in the third act of Jumanji, when Alan, Sarah, Judy, and Peter go to the upstairs attic and the emotional drama peaks with the changing of the musical score, so brilliantly done by James Horner. I get tears in my eyes during this scene. While Alan and Sarah might've seemed resistant at the beginning, our cowards have now become heroes by this stage of the film. Alan and Sarah are fully ready to keep going as giant spiders scurry around the room, and with the next dice roll, and now the ground begins to quake.

In the midst of the chaos, our four fierce warriors once again become just four simple people, longing for their parents. But they are also four friends who made a promise to each other not to leave each other inside the game. So as the ground is quaking, even though the game is outnumbering them and they will probably lose, they continue to keep their word to each other and they will not stop playing the game.

As the characters know they're running out of time, I always tear up as Alan begs Sarah not to drop the game but she won't let go. I love that when Judy gets shot by the plant spores, even though she's dying, she still says to Peter, "Help them, I'm fine," and brings the game over to Alan and Sarah to help them keep playing.

When Judy collapses into her brother's arms and says, "I wish Mom and Dad were here," in the midst of chaos, and he responds, "So do I."

That sums up the entire movie.

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