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Magnetic Stripe Credit Card

Okay, all my credit card charging friends, question! May I *request* a magnetic stripe credit card if I want one from my bank as opposed to the chip? Do banks offer options?  💳 💳 💳

Yes, I know the chip provides "extra security", it's also something I simply do not want. That security doesn't do me any good if I can't ever get them to work. After most of the pandemic not being able to use two credit cards (the only two that have ever had chips) because of constant malfunction, my love for them is gone. If I was in a position where that level of security mattered, maybe. I'm simply at a level where I need the goddamn thing to work. Chips and their setup are fussier than the magnetic stripes. So, I'll take the magnetic stripes.

This is SO complicated. Just give me the money and shut up lol.


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Tom and Erica reminiscing about the good ol' days ☺️ ♥️ ✨

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My favorite Michael Jackson videos (Top 10 - Part 2)

OK, so this is for you Michael... let's continue:

It was really hard to choose the order because I love all of his videos, so...

#5 Black or White

[clic on the picture to watch the video]

here to watch the panther dance]
What can I say... he's just fantastic!!! Michael, one more time, demonstrates the great singer and dancer he always has been. I like the melody of this song. I remember watching that video on tv (cuando daban cosas descentes en TC, en fin) And I liked how MJ improved each of his videos, I mean, each of his videos is better than the other, about the story that wants to show us and the special effects. I loved the part of MJ on the Statue of Liberty, it's epic. And the part of the morphing effect. The first time I watched I said: '' How can he transform into a chinese woman, and then to a man with blond hair and blue eyes, and the to... Tyra Banks jejejeje (I realized she was in the video this year). I thought MJ had magic power and was able to transform in anything. I was just 3-4 years old! I didn't understand English at that time but I understood the message: I don't care you're race or where you come from, the important thing is the inside. I love you Michael, thanks for show me (and all the people of my age) that important message.
But the part of panther... I tought he was making a dancing routine and he liked panthers... I didn't think it was about the racism. Now I understand. Genius MJ. I don't know why do people at that time censored it. I was a little child and I didn't think it was a sexual thing, I was too young to understand that part, and as I said I was just thinking it was one of his dancing routines. I love this video. Now that I am an adult, I can say that MJ was a really intelligent person.

#4 Speed Demon

[clic on the picture to watch the video]

here to watch the cutest pouty face jeje]
God... In this video we can see the prettiest, coolest, cutest, sexiest, most awesome and fantastic Michael Jackson ever. That's why I love the Moonwalker video. I always love to watch that VHS cassette (jeje) with all my family on a saturday afternoon. Anyways, when I watch this video I said: "Wow! he's cool. He can transform in anything" I like the part of the child and his grandma: '' MICHAEL JACKSON AAAAAAAAHHHH!!'' jejejeje LOL!!! I always remember that. Michael Jackson had a cute smile... you should watch this video. His pouty face is so aaaaawwww, the cutest MJ face ever! And Spike the rabbit is fantastic. I love the tecnology that was used for this video. It's cool! 

#3 Thriller

[clic on the picture to watch the video]
sorry, I couldn't find a complete version

All that I can say is obvious for any person. This video made history. It was a complete revolution for the way of making music videos. I love the melody of this song <3. What can I say? I remember when I watched this video with my family, they were good times... we hadn't watched videos together for years until... you know... june 25th. Anyways, I remember the part when MJ became a wolfman, it was the scariest part of the video, I was so scared that I used to look to any part but the tv screen jejejeje. But this video had funny parts too, so I think that's one of the 64752371354174 factors that made this video incredible. I like the part of the cinema... MJ eating popcorn is so cute jeje (omg, he had so perfect teeth). Anyways, all of the details of this video are cool: the story, wardrobe, MJ (obvious), the dancers, make up, everything. All about this video is epic. The first thing that any person thinks when someone says "Michael Jackson" is Thriller. The dancing part is a historic moment of music. There are no words to describe it... specially if you don't speak english very well... like me XDD

#2 Beat it

[clic on the picture to watch the video]

here to watch Weird Al Yankovic - Eat It music video jeje! ]
(note: for people who don't know, MJ allowed Weird Al to make the videos, so don't get offended with them)

This is the reason that I admire Michael Jackson and this is my favorite song, my #1 song but my #2 video. In this video I see a kind of  "Michael Jackson is an hero and a person to be admired" because of the story. He invited to those street gangs (according to his book "Moonwalk", those were real street gans) to dance and feel the music instead of fight and kill themselves. We can see a powerful MJ on this video: he danced in a way that demonstrates that he's the best, he sings so fantastic, he show us that he can change things and make peace with his music. I love the sound of this song, the guitar, a rock n' roll feeling, It's hard to describe. The song and the video had a lot of energy. This videos makes me always smile. The only thing I can say watching Beat it is:  "This man is so wonderful". It's really hard to descirbe a feeling.
When my dad made us watch those VHS cassettes I was waiting the moment of watching Beat it... and my # 1 video...

#1 Leave me alone

[clic on the picture to watch the video]

Many people (if people read this post) are asking themselves "Why this video?", so the answers are:
1. Bad era: My favorite MJ era. It's hard to describe, but I think "Bad" is my favorite album and it deserved more than just one Grammy Award (I like it more than Thriller) and "Leave me alone" is from this album. MJ looked so handsome and cute those years <3 and this video was released on 1989 (The beginning of my era jeje)
2. The song: I love the sound and MJ's voice. It has an important message: LEAVE HIM ALONE! (personal note: odio a la prensa rosa).
3. It's unique: This is the most different of his videos. It's an animated video and has a lot of details that I like a lot. It was used a lot of technology with fantastic results. That's why it won the only Grammy for "Bad".
4. It's a parody of all the rumors of his life: The "press" used to call him "Jacko Wacko" and the video was a response to that. MJ was used as a fair rarity by the "press" in order to get a lot of money selling their "magazines". That's exactly what we can see in the video: The "press" built a fair on MJ's body, and he was the big attraction. We can watch parts of the video with reference to the "hyperbaric chamber", the bones of the Elephant Man, rumors about Liz Taylor, anyways... many trash. The reporters had dog faces (XDD) and they were enjoying the attractions of the fair (obvious). We can watch MJ crossing and visiting this "fair" in a kind of rocket with his monkey Bubbles... and a llama (just a few seconds). Speaking of llamas, MJ had one called Lui (jejeje, like my sister XDD).
Anyways, I love this video because it's well done, it's amazing, it has an important message and because I understood the fact that the press treat him as a circus rarity when I was just a little child, I didn't need to learn English or be an adult to understand the idea of the video. I hope that those careperros left him alone someday... MJ's death! What else do they want?

RIP King of Pop and thanks for your amazing music <3

I hope you liked my posts (if you read them) and sorry if my English is not as good as I would like.
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My favorite Michael Jackson videos (Top 10 - Part 1)

Note: This entry was written on july 29th 2009, one month and 4 days after MJ death, but posted on august 14th 2009. Sorry if some parts of this entry are weird, I was so emotional at that moment.

Ok, first of all I just wanna say that this is the first time I post an entry in English, the rest are in Spanish, so I hope my English doesn't sucks XDD JK.

Michael Jackson represented an important part of my life. the first time I heard his music I was about 3-4 years old. I used to watch those MJ videos on VHS cassettes ( too old XDDD) with all my family. So I always relate MJ to my childhood and my family... to familiar happy moments.

It's hard to write this after crying... After a month and 4 days... Today I cried for the first time because of his death. I used to be strong (or try to pretend that I am) and all this time I couldn't cry, maybe because of my studies... I was so stressed and busy that I couldn't watch MJ memorial... I was studying for exams. But now I'm on vacations, today I watched a video and... ='( ... now I understand why most of MJ songs are not ballads (hehe). He wanted to see all his public happy and enjoying each of his performances, not crying... So, let's start with the topic =)

I'm going to show you my top 10 of MJ videos, because he was so fantastic. I loved his videos since I have memory. I will divide this post in two parts: The first part for videos from 10 to 6 and the second part for the rest. It was really hard to choose just 10 videos, because all of his videos are fantastic. I will explain why I chose each of these videos:

#10 They don't care about us

[clic on the gif to watch the video]
[clic on the picture to watch the video]

I chose this video because, as I said before, MJ represents a part of my life. I remember watching this video on TV every morning before going to school, my father wanted to record the video on his VHS cassette (hehe the cassette recorder still works today). I loved the fact that MJ came to Brazil to film this video, because Latin America loves MJ too. I admire the fact that MJ loved his Latin public and filmed the video on the street with all the people and their percussion instruments (As I say in spanish: con el populacho, con el pueblo!). I admire him because of that. And, obviously, the song has a big meaning, it has a strong message. MJ was always proud of his race, for those who don't understand that, watch this video... oh! and that part when MJ falls because of those women is so funny XDDDD

#9 The way you make me feel

[clic on the picture to watch the video]

I love this song... it's so romantic. it makes me want to have a boyfriend that dedicated this song to me. I love MJ chasing and flirting with that girl hehehe. I like the way he dances (just one of his 289981973546 talents hehehe) ... omg ... who didn't want to be that girl ^_^ The silhouette part at the end is epic <3

#8 Smooth Criminal

[clic on the picture to watch the video]

The only thing I can say: "Michael Jackson was a genius!!" The idea of Moonwalker movie came from him. Oh I loved when I saw it on... you know... a VHS cassette XD . I lve his way of singing in this videos. Once again, we can see a fantastic choreography. When I saw that epic step (you know what I am talking about) I said: "how can he do that and not fall?" That's cool! Genius!!! Maestro, fantástico!! I admire MJ's passion for everything that he did... I <3 him

#7 Bad

 [clic on the picture to watch the video]

I'm a good girl that love bad guys XDDD JK  I love his voice in this video, the choreography, his strength, you know... he's bad!!! XDDD My favorite MJ album is Bad, I love him wearing black clothes and his leather jacket... he's bad. Who's bad? him. Shamon, you know it, I'm bad, you're bad, he's bad  XDD. The best era.

(note: at the beginning of this post I was so sad, but now, as you can read, I'm so happy XDD)

MJ is the best dancer (all of his steps are incredible), and he shows that in this video, he shows his fantastic voice and his passion too ( I love him screaming) ... It's awesome, great!!! Oh, and I love the version with the children, it's so funny XDDD. I have recently watched another version of this video: "Fat" by Weird Al Yankovic. ROLF!!! It's really funny XDDD. In case you are curious: 

[clic on the picture to watch the video]
What can I say? I LOVE this song too much, it's so rocker (¿se dice así?) I love the feeling, the energy, the passion, his voice, the sound of the guitar... It's FANTASTIC!!! This is why this song is my 2nd favorite MJ song but my 6th favorite video. This video is so... epic, sexy, I love MJ on this video... This is one of the videos that I haven't seen when I was a little child... The first time I saw it was about 4 months ago XDD. So that demonstrates that I love MJ because of his music and not only because of his sexiness. I remember it was on february. I was watching the TV, this video and I was like: "I have never seen this video before" , the most amazing thing was the fact of being a rock song "Amazing sound, why I haven't hear this song before? I love the energy" until that part, you know... and I was like "OMG!!!! he broke his shirt!!! madre mía!!!!" that's the day when I saw MJ with sexy eyes for the first time... caray!!! SE ME CAE EL ALMA AL PISO!!!! I swear that I never heard or listened this song before. I love the sound, the energy (again!), but there are more fantastic videos (I mean more elaborate videos), so this is why this video is on 6th place, but it's one of my favorite songs.

Ok that's all folks. I hope you understand me (and liked this entry that was written with the deepest feelings from my soul) and don't think I am crazy or weird XDD
Someday I will post the second part =)
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and away we go

Good Morning Everyone :) The good news...well, you know, the bad news, the internet got disconnected early, so here I am at Panera again - good old Panera and their free WiFi :) They are supposed to come connect us anew tomorrow, but once I leave Panera today, I'm totally off-line until that's all done. I'm going to try to do everything I need to as quickly as possible. The good thing is, my laptop can still be used, so my new pirated copy of OotP and the capping program I downloaded yesterday could prove hours and hours of amusement :) ok- how about Tru Calling :)

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