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Mercy Derevko ✿

Art - Beauty - Sophistication

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Rock 'n' Roll Takes Me To Where I Live

✿ '60s Enthusiast ✿ | Optimist
Anglophile | Romantic | Feminist
Photography | Beauty | Art
Cinema | Television | Astrology
Soap Operas | Glamour

About Me

Hello, I'm Mercy, AKA Paradise. Welcome to my LJ! I’m an artist, photographer, website designer, and former Slumber Parties consultant presently residing in Northern Virginia.

In my spare time I enjoy watching films, antiquing, long drives, the ocean, rock and roll, and good eats! I'm an archive enthusiast, preserving and backing up the physical and the digital, and I have a great deal of nostalgia. I'm a little bit starry-eyed, you might say. My love of all things Disney explains a lot! ;)

This LiveJournal is mostly used for fangirling (see ships/otps below) but I also use it to just write. I love meeting and interacting with people, so I look forward to getting to know you all!

LiveJournal friendships are the real m'coy, so I hope to get to meet more incredible people.

I am not deleting or abandoning my LiveJournal. I will post the way I always have. I do hope, however that America buys back LiveJournal from Russia, ASAP. *fingers crossed*

Wild and Free,

My Links

FF.net — HaveNoMercy
AO3 — Mercy_DerevkoSD6
Photobucket — Paradise Kendra
Twitter — @LadyFilmFatale
Tumblr — Celebrated As the Rebel Kind
MeWe — Paradise Kendra
FanPop — LeoRising
YouTube — Paradise Vids
New Tumbl — Celebrated As the Rebel Kind

My LJ Communities



Ships & OTPs

♥ Tess Mercer and Oliver Queen (Smallville)
♥ Lex Luthor and Lana Lang (Smallville)
♥ Lois Lane and Clark Kent (Smallville)
♥ Martha and Jonathan Kent (Smallville)
♥ Chloe Sullivan and Jimmy Olsen (Smallville)

♥ Wolverine and Rogue (X-Men)
♥ Scott Summers and Emma Frost (X-Men)

♥ Buffy and Spike (BTVS)
♥ Faith and Angel (ATS)
♥ Xander and Willow (BTVS)
♥ Oz and Willow (BTVS)

♥ Jo Lupo and Zane Donovan (Eureka)
♥ Nathan Stark and Allison Blake (Eureka)
♥ Henry Deacon and Grace Monroe (Eureka)

♥ Neal Caffrey and Alex Hunter (White Collar)
♥ Peter Burke and Elizabeth Burke (White Collar)

♥ Sydney and Vaughn (Alias)
♥ Mulder and Scully (X-Files)
♥ Harry and Hermione (Harry Potter)
♥ Dawson and Joey (Dawson's Creek)

♥ Edward IV and Elizabeth (The White Queen)
♥ Ally McBeal and Billy Thomas (Ally McBeal)
♥ Jeannie and Anthony Nelson (I Dream of Jeannie)
♥ Niles and Daphne (Frasier)

Soap Opera Ships
(The short list!)

♥ Luke and Laura (General Hospital)
♥ Jason and Robin (General Hospital)
♥ Sonny and Brenda (General Hospital)
♥ Alan and Monica Quartermaine (General Hospital)

♥ Ryan Lavery and Kendall Hart (All My Children)
♥ Edmund Grey and Maria Santos Grey (All My Children)
♥ Erica Kane and Dimitri Marick (All My Children)

Secondary/Alternative Pairings

♥ Scott and Marie (X-Men)
♥ Scott and Storm (X-Men)
♥ Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon (DC Comicverse)

♥ Sydney and Danny (Alias)
♥ Will and Francie (Alias)

♥ Erica Kane and Mike Roy (All My Children)
♥ Erica Kane and Travis Montgomery (All My Children)
♥ Stefan Cassadine and Laura Spencer (General Hospital)
♥ Sonny and Alexis (General Hospital)

♥ Carrie and Aidan (Sex and the City)
♥ Samantha and Smith (Sex and the City)
♥ Miranda and Steve (Sex and the City)

♥ Derek and Addison (Grey's Anatomy)
♥ Callie and Mark Sloan (Grey's Anatomy)

♥ Angel and Darla (ATS)

♥ Eleven and Amy (Doctor Who)
♥ Ten and Donna (Doctor Who)

Real Life Pairings (yeah you heard me!)

♥ Jennifer Garner & Michael Vartan
♥ Cassidy Freeman & Justin Hartley
♥ Erica Durance & Tom Welling
♥ David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson
♥ Genie Francis & Tony Geary
♥ Barbara Eden & Larry Hagman
♥ Hugh Jackman & Anna Paquin
♥ Matt Smith & Karen Gillan
♥ David Tennant & Catherine Tate
♥ Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton
♥ Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston
♥ Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman

Television and Film


The X-Files
White Collar
Tru Calling
The Crown
Foyle's War
Sherlock BBC
Dawson's Creek
Midsomer Murders
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Star Trek The Original Series


That Girl
Mary Tyler Moore
I Dream of Jeannie

Sagas and Genres

Harry Potter Saga
Disney Movies
Golden & Silver Age of Hollywood
X-Men Films

Daytime Soap Operas

All My Children
One Life To Live
General Hospital

Complete List of My Ships & Favorite Characters
1960s, a town called eureka, addek, alan alda, alias, alias icons, all my children, american history, anglophile, anna paquin, archivists, astrology, back to the future, barbara eden, benedict cumberbatch, boudoir photography, british royalty, buffy the vampire slayer, cassidy freeman, castin, clark kent, classic movies, classic rock, classical music, clois, daniel radcliffe, david duchovny, dawson's creek, dawson/joey, disney, dvds, england, english class, english history, erica cerra, erica durance, erica kane, erotica, etiquette, eureka, eva la rue, faith lehane, faith/angel, fan fiction, fangel, film photography, flower power, frasier crane, gartan, general hospital, gillian anderson, gloria steinem, green arrow, harry potter, harry/hermione, harry/hermione shipper, hillary clinton, hippies, hugh jackman, i dream of jeannie, icon resources, icon tutorials, icons, ireland, j&r, jane fonda, jnr, jo lupo, jo/zane, john glover, john lennon, justin hartley, kimberly mccullough, lena olin, lexana, lionel luthor, lois lane, love scenes, lutessa luthor, madonna, mary tyler moore, mercy graves, merrin dungey, michael jackson, michael vartan, michael vartan icons, mulder/scully, musicals, niall matter, niles crane, oliver queen, oliver/tess, ororo monroe, ororo/scott, photography, photoshop, photoshop tutorials, pinup photography, princess diana, queen elizabeth ii, queen of england, quotes, recreational drugs, rhoda morgenstern, robin scorpio, rogan, rogue, rogue icons, rogue/scott, romance, romance icons, romance novels, scotland, scott/emma, second wave feminism, sixties, smallville, smallville fan fiction, smallville icons, snogger, soap operas, spuffy, steve burton, superheroes, sydney bristow, ten/donna, tess mercer, tess/oliver, tess/ollie, the beatles, tollie, tom hiddleston, tom welling, tru calling, valerie harper, victoria woodhull, vintage beauty, virginia, washington dc, white collar, whitney houston, women's rights, woodstock, x-files, x-men, x-men icons, zane donovan, zane/jo

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